SINCE 1929

A company specializing in the production of men’s shoes , high quality , classic and casual , with a leather upper and sole leather or synthetic . E ‘ was founded by families and Di Franco D’Amelio in 1929 in a simple shop. At first produced 5/6 pairs per day , of course entirely handmade; then productivity was not a prerogative . In 1950 , aided by early machines and a few employees , the production began to take its first steps , prompted by a growing demand . Today Creations DUEDI (arrived at 4rd generation) testify to the wearer with a fundamental quality without losing sight of the passage of time and the actuality of a taste that must be recognized in the new global world. Creations Made in italy for a product of stylish design, comfortable, durable , an expression of pleasure in wearing our shoes . Also “Franco Riva” is a brand of Italian excellence created by Duedì. A distinction is made between elegance and modernity. DUEDI a story that focuses on people , their employees , their suppliers and their customers even more . A story focused on the relationship to ensure mutual satisfaction and growth.


  • The style is the man.

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  • So many people screaming the truth, but without style is useless, not needed.

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  • The style is the soul of genius.

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Zona industriale Aversa-Nord - C/O CONSORZIO IMPRE. CO. - 81032 - Carinaro (ce) italy Ufficio: 081 813 19 98 / Fax: 081 502 93 77
Di Franco: Sito | Facebook
d'Amelio: Sito | Facebook


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